Coach Ágoston Nagy, PhD


Date of birth: 1968

Place of birth: Debrecen, Hungary.

Two sons (1994, 1995) both are basketball players and coaches,

 P.E. teachers, study in a doctoral school


  • Hungarian University of Physical Education - physical education teacher, 1992 Master degree
  • Hungarian University of Physical Education - basketball coach, 1994 Master degree
  • PhD management and Business administration - sport management 2010
  • Habilitation - Sport Sciences - 2022



University of Debrecen, Coordination Institute of Sport Sciences (P.E. teacher, basketball coach and senior university lecturer)



I used to coach with women and men teams on different levels. (pro and youth also, in Hungary and Iceland, Europe) (since 1990-)

Hungarian National teams U16, U18, U20 on the European Championships


Currently coaching the men team (BKG PRIMA Academy men team) in the Hungarian First League in Hungary. (B division)


I had averaged 130 games a year in the past 25 years, with positive balance.


 Basketball academical CONCEPTS AND PROGRAMS:


I wrote a full concept and basketball academical program. Take a look at this version


Results of the last few years


  • 5th place in the Hungarian NB IB and 3rd place in the Hepp Cup, 2023
  • 6th place in the Hungarian NB IB, 2022
  • 2nd place in the Hungarian NB IB and the Hepp Cup, 2021
  • 5th place in the Hungarian NB I B (Red group), 2019
  • 1st place in the Hungarian NB IB (Green group), 2018
  • 2nd place in the Hungarian NB II, 2017
  • 5th place in the Hungarian NB I B, and 3rd on the Hepp Cup, 2016
  • 2nd place in the Hungarian First League B division 2015. 1st in the Hepp Cup, 2015
  • Won Hungarian University National Championship, 2013, 2014, 2016
  • Won Hungarian Hepp Cup 2015.
  • 7th place on European University Games in Basketball 2014. Rotterdam
  • 2nd Hungarian Hepp Cup 2014.
  • 2nd place Hungarian University National Championship 2015
  • Final Four in International Student basketball League, 2015
  • 5th and 7th place in European Championship with Hungarian Youth National Teams




Style of my team


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Twitter: @nagoston 






Cell: +36 30 9 03 03 23



- Hungarian Coaching Association

- Hungarian Sport Scientific Association

- Hungarian Sport Management Association


Courses:( since 1992)


Physical education, basketball, methods of sport training, sport management, sport organization, training theory, game theory, sport pedagogy,


I have been involved in sport Sciencies and researches since 1991. I examined the technichs, tactics, and the psychological, pedagogical and physiological background of basketball. I have got articles and lecture notes of these subjects and presented on trainings.

I have been a lecturer of the Hungarian University of Physical Education since 2007.

Interested in teaching, educating sports, comparing management and basketball strategies and organizations.

Translated many sport books from English to Hungarian.

I provide a basketball web site where I can publish my articles as well. This was the only basketball site in Hungary where you can find scientific contents.


As the sport director of the University of Debrecen I examined the new possibilities of the sport life of the university level in Hungary. Due to the results of my studies I worked out many programs, global and partial sratategies.


Public activities and memberships


- Youth committee of Hungarian Basketball Federation

- International Basketball Coaching Association


- FIBA Coaching Association




2016-                     BKG PRIMA Academy men team

2007-2008           Hungarian Basketball Federation, - head of the Training    Program (1993-1994)

2008-2009           Hungarian Basketball Federation, head of the Training Program (1994 boys)

2009-2010           Hungarian Olympic Committee, head coach   Heraklész program.  

U16 (1994)          European Championship Estonia


2010-2011           Hungarian Olympic Committee, head coach Heraklész program.

U18 (1993-94)     European Championship Bulgaria




1992                    DSI U18 Debrecen


1993-1995           PRIMA SE men, U18, U16. NBII


1996-1997           Tindastoll, Iceland pro men team. Also U18, U16 boys


1998                    PRIMA SE men, women NB IB, U18, U16, NBII


1999                    PRIMA SE men NB II, women NBI B, U18, DSI  

U16 1987-88,


2000                    PRIMA SE men NB II, women NBI B, DSI U16

1987-88, University and NBI men,


2000.06.              Basket Clinic Pro Camp- Head coach of the champions


2001.06.12-15.    Big Camp St. Etienne, Franciaország, coach of Lions


2002                    PRIMA SE men NBII, Irinyi-PRIMA SE women. NBII, Vadkakasok- DSI U16 1989


2003                    DEKE men NB I B, PRIMA SE men NBII,  Vadkakasok DSI U16 1989 boys


2004-2007           DSC-SI 1991, DSI 1993-94 and D-Medikus NBII and DSI 1995


2008                    DEKE- DSI NBI A U20, DSC-SI 1991, DSC- SI, 1993-94 and DEAC-Medikus men NBII


2009                    DEKE-DEAC NBIA U20, DSC-SI 1993-1994, and 1997 DEAC-  DSI NBII


2010                    DEAC- DSI NBIB, DSC-SI 1993-1994, and 1995

2011-2016           DEAC NBIB, U18, NBII, University


More results


2007. National Championship U14 5th (23 games / 21 wins)

2007. National Championship U16 3rd

2009. National Championship U16 2nd (21 games / 20 wins)

2009. National Championship U18 3rd

2010. National Championship U18 7rd

2010. U16 National team („B” division European Championship 6th)

2010. NBII 3rd

2011. NB I B men U20 4th

2011. National Championship  U18 4th

2011. U18 National team („B” division European Championship 7th)

2012. NBIB men U20 3rd

2013. NB I B , U18 3rd  National University Championship 1. European University Championship 14.  Split

2014. NB IB 5th U18 2nd  National University Championship 1st. Hepp Cup 2nd. European University Championship 7th.

2015. NB IB 2nd. Hepp cup 1st. U20 5. NB II champion Eastern conference , MEFOB 2. NB II 2nd  ISBL Final Four, Moscow

2016. NB IB 6th , Hepp Kupa 3. Hely, ISBL 5. hely,

National University Championship 1st, NB II champions


National team players


Ács Balázs, Asztalos Soma, Bajalinov Kristóf, Garamvölgyi Ákos, Mohay Péter, Nagy Botond Ágoston, Nagy Szabolcs, Zahorán Bertold, Vietórisz Ágnes. Andrássy Géza, Nagy Benedek Ágost, Opre Roland,  Galambos Árpád