Botond Ágoston Nagy

About me

Height: 178 cm (5’10’’)

Weight: 73 kg (161 pounds)

Born: 1994. 07. 21.

Position: Guard

Nationality: Hungarian

TeamBKG-Prima SE (2016-present)

Video: VIDEO - Botond Ágoston Nagy Season Highlights 2019/2020

Description from the current coaches

“He is one of the top players in the NB I/B for long years now. He is a leader who controls the team’s speed and style. He is the prototype of the scoring PG, this year (2019/2020) he was the scoring champ of the league with more than 25 points per game. He is excessively quick, an outstanding dribbler who’s court vision is great, the thing that proves his eyes is that he was the best passer in the league too (7.8 asts/game). He is agrassive in spliting the defense and attacking the gaps while he is guarded with high attention. His three point shot is stabile and it was remarkable, he made 4 threes/game with 43%. In his carreer this season was the best in free throw percentage, 84%.” - Donát Barna, Assistant Coach


I received my master degree in January of  2020. I graduated as a Physical Education Teacher, Adopted PE Teacher and Health Promoterat the University of Physical Education of Hungary. I started the PhD course at the same university. My research: Basketball players' training and evaluation contexts of its offensive activities. I also started MSc course in Basketball Coaching.

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